Monday, March 19, 2012

Latin American artist who are seriously excellent.

First saw some works at MALBA, Museum of Art Latinamericano Buenos Aires, at the 'Arte Latinoamericano 1919 - 2010' exhibition.
Am only going to show three images of their work but I would advice you to seek further images if interested. These are not the kind of artists you learn about in art school.
I find myself saying to complete strangers in the gallery: 'wow'. Art nerd behaviour.
I have dedicated some collages to them. True champions of form, colour, composition and poerty.

Lidy Prati (Argentina)

Composicion serial, 1948

Concret A4, 1948

Referencia Sensibile de un Espacio Definido, 1953

Helio Oticica (Brazil)

Metaesquema, 1958

Metaesquema No.179, 1957

Box Bolide 12 'Archologic', 1964

Lygia Clark (Brazil)

Sin Titulo, 1960

Creature - Crab, 1959

Mascara Sensorialis, 1967

Ivan Serpa (Brazil)

Formas, 1951

Untitled No.12, 1970

Lygia Pape (Brazil)

Untitled, 1954

Rueda de Placeres, 1968

Untitled, Weaving, 1958

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